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What Is KnowRe?

“KnowRe is an Adaptive Learning Curriculum for Mathematics, Designed to Provide Students with the Most Personalized and Engaging Learning Experience.”

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Key Features

Adaptive and Personalized Curriculum

  • Common Core-aligned, standards-based lessons designed for the facilitator-driven classroom environment
  • Adaptive, step-by-step “Walk Me Through” instruction
  • Assessment-driven and personalized Review curriculum targets each student’s specific areas of weakness
  • Hundreds of math concept videos
  • Cartoon introductions

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Gamified Learning

  • Interactive learning map that looks and feels like a game
  • Coins and stars-based achievement and rewards system help motivate and engage students in learning
  • Quest-like assignment system

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Teacher Dashboard

  • Real-time assessment data displayed in achievement scores
  • Color-coded classroom and student progress data
  • Granular Knowledge Units data
  • Assignment feature with ability to track student and class progress
  • Easy class setup and student invitation features
  • Adjustable score settings

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Teachers learn the “Why.”

KnowRe identifies why a student is getting a particular question wrong and shares the granular assessment data in the Teacher Dashboard.

KnowRe’s patented technology breaks down each math question and assesses a student’s mastery of the concepts that make up that question. Our focus is to help teachers understand which concept or concepts caused the student to answer the question incorrectly. Armed with such continuous formative assessments, teachers can differentiate and personalize their instruction to positively impact student outcomes.

As students work through KnowRe’s facilitator-driven math curriculum, KnowRe is actively assessing each student’s knowledge of what they know and what they are struggling with.

Students learn the “How.”

KnowRe helps students learn how to solve math problems by providing step-by-step, just-in-time support.

As students progress through KnowRe, they are constantly assessed and are offered real-time feedback and just-in-time support. Between KnowRe’s facilitator-driven Lessons and assessment-driven Review curriculum, students can not only learn new material or challenge themselves in reinforcing previously learned material, but also strengthen their knowledge and understanding of prerequisite concepts and skills.

Modeled after the way a teacher works with a student 1-on-1, KnowRe provides students with adaptive, just-in-time support through videos and step-by-step explanations and guidance.

Engage with Learning.

Learning math can sometimes be hard, boring, and confusing. But learning is critical, and KnowRe makes it fun.

KnowRe is designed to provide the most engaging learning experience for all students. With rich graphics, a gamified interface and a fun reward system, KnowRe helps to engage and motivate students in learning mathematics.

KnowRe makes learning math fun, challenging, and rewarding with a gamified interface and motivating rewards features.