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What Is KnowRe?

“KnowRe is an Online Adaptive Learning Program for Mathematics, Designed to Provide Students with the Most Personalized and Engaging Learning Experience.”

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Key Features

Adaptive and Personalized Curriculum

  • Common Core-aligned, standards-based lessons facilitate integration into existing classroom curriculum
  • Adaptive, step-by-step “Walk Me Through” instructions present problem-solving strategies
  • Assessment-driven and personalized Review curriculum targets each student’s specific areas of weakness
  • Over a thousand math concept videos provide targeted student support when needed
  • Contextual cartoon introductions present real-life applications of math concepts

Gamified Learning

  • Interactive learning map that looks and feels like a game
  • Quest-like assignment system raises student engagement levels
  • Coins and star-based achievement and rewards system motivates students

Data-Driven Instruction

  • Real-time assessment provides teachers with actionable data in the classroom
  • Color-coded classroom and student progress data facilitate performance analysis
  • Granular Knowledge Units data identify student learning gaps that impede mastery
  • Assignment feature enables differentiated instruction
  • Easy class setup and student invitation features expedite initial implementation
  • Adjustable score settings provide reporting flexibility


Learn more about KnowRe’s adaptive and personalized curriculum or request a live online demo.

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