Personalization is key

We believe that personalizing the learning experience is the key to unlocking each student’s full potential. Large classrooms filled with a diverse set of students make it difficult to provide each student with the personalized attention and support they need.

Power up your instruction with Knowre

We created Knowre to bring the power of technology into classrooms and make it easier for teachers to give students the personalized support they need. With Knowre, teachers can help every student realize their full potential.

Our approach to personalized learning

Practice with Support

When a student is struggling with a specific skill, we provide interactive, step-by-step support, drilling down to underlying concepts, just like a teacher would

Fill Gaps with Personalized Review

Our technology assesses each student’s strengths and weaknesses and fills learning gaps with algorithmically generated problem sets personalized to each student 

Target with Actionable Data

Our Teacher Dashboard shows student achievement in an easy-to-read format so that teachers can quickly identify students who require additional help 

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