Knowre to Reinforce Key Concepts

The Challenge

High school math teacher Paul Payne was looking for an online tutorial, review, and enrichment program for a group of struggling 9th graders in Algebra 1. Mr. Payne and LA River School identified Knowre as the main strategy for supporting this group of students.

The Solution

How do you use Knowre in your classroom?

I use Knowre as a supplement in my regular Algebra I class. Knowre is great for reinforcing materials that students have already learned in class, so I will spend a class teaching a lesson, then have them work on Knowre the following day. The lessons that I’m teaching are more conceptual, so by the time they use Knowre, it’s a bit of a review. I try to stagger it so that Knowre is used for review and support. The school’s remedial Algebra 1 students are placed in double-block class. My colleague, who teaches that class, uses Knowre as a standalone curriculum. As that class, meets for two hours, one hour is spent on direct instruction and the second hour is devoted to students practicing on Knowre.

How are you using the data in the Teacher Dashboard?

I use the Teacher Dashboard everyday as a way of checking in to see where my class is as a whole, and where my individual students are. And then I make decisions based on that. Sometimes I’ll pair up a student to support another student, or choose to pick a group of students who are struggling, so I can give them some extra support. Sometimes, I’ll pick a group of students who are doing really well and have them move onto some new and more challenging topics.

The Result

Has Knowre transformed your teaching?

Using Knowre on a regular basis has made me more effective as a teacher. I can use Knowre for formative assessment, and see where my students are in their learning. That frees up more time for creating and designing engaging lessons.

Other than improving their math learning, how else has Knowre benefitted your students?

Kids in today’s generation need to be able to learn online, be able to learn at an independent pace, teach themselves and challenge themselves. Knowre is a great way to introducing some of those skills at an early age in middle and high school.

“I use Knowre as a supplement to reinforce materials that students have already learned in class.”

Paul Payne, High School Math Teacher, Los Angeles River School

LA River School Quick Facts

    • Location: Los Angeles, CA
    • LAUSD pilot school
    • Grades 9-12
    • 300 high school students

Computing Capacity

    • 1:1 Macbook
    • 1:1 iPad

Knowre Implementation

    • Supplemental
    • Core curriculum for Algebra 1 remediation
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