Knowre to Differentiate Instruction

The Challenge

DCP Alum Rock’s teachers and students were struggling through a web-based math program they had been using. The students and teachers became frustrated with the not-so-engaging videos and lessons, and found it difficult to customize the program to match up with the school’s existing curriculum. Committed to finding the right tool for differentiated and personalized learning, DCP’s math department looked to Knowre.

The Solution

How do you use Knowre in your classroom?

I split my class in half, so I have half of my class in the front doing direct instruction, while the other half is in the back doing Knowre. Literally, all you have to do is assign something and it’s independent work for the students. Then you walk over to your computer and the data’s already there. You don’t have any grading to do, and you can look and see which kids need to review that skill. The information I receive about each student helps me to either teach directly to individual students or create smaller groups. Knowre’s data allows you to personalize learning in a way that was never possible.

The Result

How has Knowre impacted your teaching?

It is very difficult for a teacher to teach, give them practice, and have them apply it, so it’s great that Knowre offers all of those in the videos, the practice and the application questions. I also find Knowre to be really, really easy to use, and it really does free you up. Any time you have 15 students instead of 33, that makes it that much better.

How has Knowre impacted your students’ learning?
I am seeing their confidence building, which is a good thing. I’m seeing the lower level students really improving. They’re getting high scores, which is different from what we’ve seen with other programs we’ve used in the past.

“The information I receive about each student helps me to either teach directly to individual students or create smaller groups.”

Danielle Kostevich, Middle School Math Teacher, DCP Alum Rock

DCP Alum Rock Quick Facts

    • Location: San Jose, CA
    • Public charter school
    • Grades 6-12
    • 350 middle and high school students

Computing Capacity

    • Chromebooks
    • Laptop carts

Knowre Implementation

    • Differentiated, small group instruction
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