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KnowRe's Pilot Program

Learn about our pilot program.

KnowRe’s Pilot Program

KnowRe's Pilot Program

We are conducting a nationwide Pilot Program this fall. Our aim, throughout the pilot, is to gauge the potential of KnowRe’s technology, collected student data, and engaging game-like features. While we received an overwhelming amount of interest from schools and organizations throughout the U.S. and the globe, we were only able to invite a small portion of the applicants to join the program. The Pilot will stretch across 34 cities and 17 states in the United States and Canada and has approximately 150 teachers and 8,000 students participating. The pilot includes a diverse range of schools from urban to suburban, rural and virtual schools.

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Not a part of the pilot program?

Not being part of the pilot program means you don’t yet have access to the data-displaying Teachers’ Dashboard. But no worries! We will make the Dashboard available to all teachers eventually. In the mean time, you can still engage your students with KnowRe to help them not only learn and practice math, but also work on strengthening their weaknesses with KnowRe’s personalized curriculum generated for each student.

Why bother using KnowRe now? Cuz it’s fun and (still) free!

Here are 3 ways KnowRe can make your classroom experience better, even without the Teachers’ Dashboard:

  1. Take your whole class to the math lab once a week and allow them to engage with KnowRe– and allow them to have a whole lot of fun learning and practicing their skills.
  2. Have a few of your students work on KnowRe in a workstation in class, either to help remedial students catch up or to offer advanced students some more challenging materials!
  3. Have your students work on KnowRe for homework. It’s a great supplemental resource for students to practice and improve their math skills at home.

Get to know our pilot schools

To view our press release, go here. Contact us for more information!


Pilot Chatter

“Student engagement is really high (on KnowRe) and the kids really like getting the specific help that they need on the problems. Plus, being able to go back and re-do a problem is a bonus.”

Read the full interview.

-Paul Payne, Math Teacher at Los Angeles River School

danielle kostevich
“I’m super impressed! I like KnowRe above and beyond any other program I’ve used. The reports are way better, and my students are liking it.”

Read the full interview.

-Danielle Kostevich, Math Teacher at Downtown College Prep