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Pilot Details

Gaps in student learning can be detrimental to long-term success in mathematics. It is therefore critical to identify these gaps as soon as possible in order for intervention measures to be most effective. However, identifying such gaps can be very costly and since teachers simply cannot attend to the needs of every single student in the classroom, student assessment and intervention have become one of the biggest educational challenges of our time. This is the problem that KnowRe was born to solve.

To provide the best assessment, we modeled KnowRe after the way a teacher asks students to “show their work” and subsequently reviews the student’s work to identify gaps in that student’s understanding. We are focused on developing KnowRe to (1) provide the most granular assessments in real time, (2) offer the most personalized curriculum targeting each student’s individual learning needs, and (3) create the most engaging user experience that will have students approaching math with enthusiasm and confidence. In essence, we are developing KnowRe to be the best digital teacher’s aid to enhance a teacher’s efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.

KnowRe’s pilot program is designed to support schools that are poised to implement a cutting-edge technological solution and are committed to improving outcomes via an engaging and effective math program. Pilot schools must have a sufficient number of computers on-campus so as to implement the technology in the classroom. A minimum of 2 computers per participating classroom is required. A computer lab that can accomodate a full class is preferable. Currently, we are unable to support iPad-only organizations.

What’s in it for you and your school?

  • Get a 1-year free subscription for doing a pilot with KnowRe
  • Improve student outcomes and test scores
  • Watch your students enjoy math more
  • Make your life easier

What’s required of a school/teacher?

  • Allow us to survey your students periodically (~every 2 weeks)
  • Be available to provide feedback
  • Allow us to do classroom observations
  • Allow us to perform before and after testing

To view our press release, go here.

How to Apply

Fill out the below form. We will be taking applications until June 30, 2013. If you are not certain as to whether your school can pilot KnowRe, please go ahead and submit an application. Upon review, a KnowRe representative will be in touch with you to provide more details concerning the terms and may request additional information. Please be sure to designate a contact that can be reached during the summer.

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